En trance chapter 4

Gillespified I sit and drink

myself into another heaven:

Jojo left his home in Tucson AZ
for some california grass
get back

To where I once belonged, I will

get back now.

I don’t mind practising 
Don Quichotteries
should there be a need to
make me please you

but it is you that is the clown.

Don’t let him steal your heart away,
as the Kansas Cty hairdresser said.

I want you, I need you

Blues for supersexySandra

swing down chariot stop and let me right rock me lord rock me lord i gotta hold on the other side sings billy preston to me

I went ouch when sandra mentioned that she was that drunk
she burned her beautiful breast the oher night.

I closed ny eyes and watched her doing this to me.

I love this girl.
From the very moment I saw her.

We were together for real, once
down in Kempten,southern Bavaria.

She sat so close by I could have hugged her without getting out of my chair
and she inquisited me and I smelt the chance to lay her
but again I failed.


I failed.

Seems I love doing this; failing.

Introducing you to my sea of failures