I was in a bit of a trouble this early night tonight:

Had to walk out on a limb to
get to the gas station closest to me
– this is Gemany and shops are closed here on Sundays –

I negotiated with customs
the amount of bottles of beer
he would voluntarily sell me
for twenty-seven Euros.

And it came down to 12!

I navigated the drunken ship that’s me these mean days,
mon bateau ivre to quote Rimbaud,
cautiously back home but had to
take a rest on the meadow so green of smiling life
I had to take a rest there:

I simply had to.

I sat down with my plentiful drinks
and started to scribble (to and) my soul
into two poems I wrote,

I wrote on the back cover and the front cover and the intro
of the complete poems of Theodore Roethke,
whom I love for

In a Dark Time

“In a dark time, the eye begins to see,
I meet my shadow in the deepening shade; …“