The night spells Boogie Woogie going bad again:

with a little more of the same
golden brown I’ ll feel like
Led Zep at Knebsworth,
if you get me here.

All that I am saying is
I should try harder
to get


should not I?

Should I not, for the best reasons I have to,
do so?

Down in Mississippi
I’ll wait for ya,
Be Mavis now
and my Staples too!

I insist.

And let Ry
rock our night.

Good.(when we sing with

Terry Evans, when we shout out
the Blues with him.

muddy waters, ease my pain away
mississippi, old man river,
just keep on rollin,

Keep on rolling
me out of town:

Get me out of
New Orleans
cuz I do not
wanna die
Everette did.

I am talking Bar Scotch Everette Maddox of course.