(A-)Muse use (geule) me to please you, please

sophie bastian

“this play-date is officially over

you can call your mom

to pick you up in her

land rover …“

sophia bastian: juvenile blues

(thank you, soph 😉 )


swimming downtown

drowning the blackest

of blueses

in the darkest of boozes

I, like Ἰάσων in his quest for the χρυσόμαλλον δέρας, the ოქროს საწმისი.

I, like Jason in his quest for the  -as the Greeks put it –

: khrisómallon déras, or the Georgians: ókros satsmisi,

was looking for a cat

like if it was the golden fleece.


as much as I failed

You know I am going

to “”get” you

for whatever

nonsensical reasons,

as if life ever

was about sense.

So, let me tell you first

what happened so far:

I went out one night

tried to get something started*

but I failed

I had such  a good time*

but no:

no girl

called me back.

I wasn’t surprised.

But recently

they tell me

I am sexy

I see their tits

or what else they’re shaking

but I wanna bring home

my point

about the decline

of the Holy

Roman Empire

in 1806.

Isn’t, I said, it strange


and then I took a gulp,

that someone

suffering from

perianal thrombosis

would decide about

the fall of Empires

fat-bellied lives

existed upon?


















χρυσόμαλλον δέρας,

ოქროს საწმისი

+ Macy Gray’s lyrics of course


( 😉 more later. must run now)