Let us paint our world new!

Here rests in peace

what once was your’s, too.

I am sick of the pain

you never stop

to surprise me with.

Amendments come too late.

I am departing from our heaven,

My mind is  Marc Aurelian  now:

It cannot stop soothing me

into stoic negligence.

My consolations to you, my

fellow traveller. Consider please that

our embarkment to the moon of wishfulls

has been cancelled.

We have painted our world blue.

All in love is imperfect when done.

I am addicted to last kisses;

I wish for pain uncaused by you.

I’m hold captive in a Rauschenberg painting

brimming with colorful regrets; I am drowning

in a sea of nostalgic daydreams about a lover gone.

About a lover lost I dream and pray:

May you fare well but

better get back to me, please!

I am in the mood for emergencies.