You know I am bisexual,

not as Frisco dark room gay as Michel Foucault,

who at one time looked liked this

but otherwise aberrant too.

Think Iggy and Bowie:

let’s glam punk the night!

Tomorrow is election day

but today is Okto-BEER-fest in Munich.

I’m already loaded but missed the Anstich

by Mr Ude, who failed becoming

president of Bavaria last Sunday.

I give my best to remedy that fact by drinking faster.

Gotta keep up with the chaps and chaperellas.

I swoon for Ziggy Stardust but prefer it slightly rougher

like here:

“Ich könnte, wenn ich wollte …

doch ich will dich nicht …”

I could (get you) if I wanted

but I don’t want you, not at all…..


forthcoming part 3:

Callipygian Aphrodite

Born of the foam of the cum of the sea of lust

of Uranus …