I. Les Yeux Corses (Corsican Games)

(Napoléone) Buonoapartian Immensities

of mighty might imagined, in vain of Corse, 😉

I sit with a gay 70 years old; We have fun.

We talk local ( Munich ) history.

I am of course reminded of

Dylan T.’s  “Among those killed killed in the dawn raid was a man aged a  hundred”

and to make it even worse, I was reminded too of

Joyce’s “Dubliners:

‘(Thinking of Brendan B.)

B being Behan

Behan-ce me!

Enlighten my light,

enlighten my night.

My Joyce quote was meant to point you at:

(paraphrasing now)

On the loo laid a man dead.

II. Beneath the Laocoon Tree

I sat there today again

semi-stoned and

dreaming up live.

Watched squirrels

from two nations: the reds are ours,

the grey and black type is for you.