I cannot count my failures

if they are there at all  –  you still have to prove your case – there never was one  unintended. As far as I recall. (Oh, please feel free to)

bookmark that

while I have a new beer.

See, my back has got a bone and I will fight back

to your biggest disgust. Oh well, I hope my desire  to cum.

To come to pass.

Let’s get it happening,

laissez rouler les bontemps.

Cajounish enough fer ya?

Kisses to you, baby, and my good byes.

Simply get wiser.

Someday you will learn.

How comes it that it is so that you stopped making sense?


I guess

it is ok

all the more so because

your sweet little sister

has passed the line, too.

Aren’t we brothers and sisters in arms now, please?

In a  blue mood of mind I ask for mercy mercy:

I am a sinner,  rescue me, please, can’t you do it?

On a minor note I ask your forgiveness

as if it mattered anymore at all.

Oh, well let us assume

it is too late to get back wqhere we came from.

We had summers of  lofty

sweet drinks and laugter

but I doubt you can play my game anymore.

You will decide and I stand back.