Since I been lovin ya

back, way way back in


in Passau

I was listening endlessly to Led Zep,

I dunno why.

It just felt right.

My heart kept dancing

twenty-four seven.

“Babe, babe, babe

I am gonna leave you

leave you in the summertime”*

And there wasn’t even a girl around,

So, last night I met Shannon,

a Scotttish pretty, actually,

living in Frankfurt

and complaining to me about the rudeness

of Bavarians.

She was right, of course,

She was a redhead with blue eyes.

I was recalling Berlin in the early eighties and Ideal:

Back then the Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo

danced to Bowie, who was there too:

we can be heroes

just for one day*

I was with one of these

illegally young whores,

Those were the days back in Berlin.

Oh, I wanna be back to that town, but

last time I stayed there

so much, too much, had changed.

My then girl-friend and me

watched her ex-lover

performing at a small theatre,

But next year she, the aspiring actress, died from leucemia.


*lyrics by Led Zeppelin  (Baby, I’m gonna leave you) and David Bowie (Heroes)