II: Come on baby get on the phone I think I ve been waitin long enough

Now what about you out there in the fucking wilderness

gimme a call will ya. Blues rules; come on baby hit me

good, maybe. I am here. And cheers to you and

all our fucked up history. Get another life and

take the old one withya. Wontcha. Hey!

Standing here. And if I

don’t keep on drinkin

I am hangovering myself

to the final beyond.



Hey. I m serious.

I think.

No wait I am

III Just sayin

had a fine day out.

just as nonsensical

as those that passed me by

Met Paul,

sittin on a park bench

listenin to the guy

tryna talkin his way out

of the common mess

  • are you even aware? –


the immensity of loss

he speaks?

are you?

The innermost sanctum of the Blues, are you aware?

Are you the fuck aware what he talks about:

eternal limbo on a coke flight to a heaven

beyond all


My mind works best on booze and why that is, is easily explained