Night coming on

don’t know what to say

kiddin o course

I do: come on.

Not that lame here,

just as long as it does

not come to love.


Listenin – in my despair –

to Larry Carlton,

he soothes me

with his brilliance;

how bout that:

bein’brilliant when you lose? ;-

a life without irony? Come on. For who who?

Don’t count me in.

Of course, count me in, comes it to


absurd ditties:

count me in. Want one?




II: Come on baby get on the phone I think I ve been waitin long enough


Now what about you out there in the fucking wilderness

gimme a call will ya. Blues rules; come on baby hit me

good, maybe. I am here. And cheers to you and

all our fucked up history. Get another life and

take withya. Wontcha. Hey!

Standing here. And if I

don’t keep on drinkin

I am hangovering myself

to the final beyond.






Hey. I m serious.


I think.



No wait I am