Let’s explore for a bit

– it is Sunday. We have time –

the brightness divine

of muteable Zodiac quality

of Sagittarius!

We voyeurs take a seat a bit outside

of the brightest brilliance he is /of his,

say: on nicely clustered M75*?

Our eyes amazed wander downwards through the dark blue,

meeting Cappa, Albadah, Manubrium, Nunki first, and then

turning right to see Hekatebolos, Axilla,

and to the left and up a bit to Nanto, Kaus borealis

to finally sink down on Kaus media and australis

and fade out on Sephdar.

Just another arrangement of stars meaning

some strange things to us, but to themselves

nothing. These mute objects in deep space

have only one concern: to keep in balance

their gravitational equilibrium.

All this brightness then is

nothing but a lesson in Zen.