We will miss him. His texts remain, but he finished writing forever, April 5, 2014 was the day when silence fell, he left us. 


In January we had long telephone calls. We discussed and we exchanged texts. It was joyfull and interesting. He often wrote and he read my texts.

Once he invited me as Guest Author to his blog.

It was a big honor.

His last postings were difficult to read, and in february his telephone was dead. I was very worried. The last I heard that he was alive and also he left his flat. I was very worried.

One of his last texts was like a metaphor for upcoming events.

He wrote;

[quote]: ” it reduces hardware to minimum”

i am
comme ici:
today this sole dove sank down
on pebbles
fucked up (I) like(d) me her.
fucked up like me
i lked her
today this


(Dithyrambs and Ditties, https://gurkski.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/quote-it-reduces-hardware-to-minimum/ )

The first line was from one of my own poems.

He wrote in many blogs and forums.

His writing was interesting and never boring. Sometimes it was controversal and in some places they excluded him.

In German language I like most his ” Alpenschlossträumereien ” in the Leselupe. 

He also wrote much in English and he started even Chinese.

Now he put his pencil (keyboard) away.

Not long ago he celebrated his 50th birthday.

Now the hardware is on its minimum.

Farewell, Serge,

I will miss your humor, and your comments.