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Night — Nacht

Dresden, nachts

Time of dreams.
Wish you where here.

Zeit der Träume.
Wärst du doch hier.


More than a Year – but it Hurts

More than a year is over, a year ago I heard the sad news that Gurkski passed away. And it never stopped hurting. Otherwise we had lots of good discussions, about poetry, about languages, about Dresden, about writing in general, about writers, he had lots of knowledge and proposed good works to read.
We discussed our texts, and he told me about his past and his father.
We never met each other, but telephone allowed us to speak.

Dezember – Remembrance of Serge Gurkski

Last year in the end of Dezember, Serge Gurkski celebrated his fiftieth birthday. He did not see the future coming and taking him away. He was full of esprit and thoughts. I never did forget him. I enjoy reading his articles and poems.

Linie 9, Dresden

Our meeting was just a small track in time. But in four dimensions it will last forever.


Where are you?
Are you a star
or a plant
or a bird in sky?
Where are you?
Are you the sun
or a meteor
or are you a tram
driving along tracks?
Where are you?
Are you the Butterfly
at the blooming flower?

Hello, Bernd

I have been following your posts here at Ditties and wanted to let you know
how very much I enjoy your fine writing and how remarkable I find it. I haven’t seen any of your work lately, I am hoping you will resume posting, I love your elegant writing style and impeccable translation. I am very captivated by your native language having spent some time in Germany, it fascinates me. Thank you for allowing us to read your work.
My best to you,

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