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Faun at the foot of the fountain – by Gurkski

House of Heart

I want to be  a marble faun at the foot of the fountain in the heart of the market of the town where life swarms. Instead I sit on the steps of that fountain squinting at the antsy rustling around me, grabbing my bottle tighter.

I have since recently fallen in love with that marginally overweight businessman gulping from his pocket flask while waiting for his tram because I love the expression of fear in his face that I know so well. I love even more the posh secretary smoking nervously,  stomping her stilettos on the sidewalk, because she  leaves her package of cigarettes on the bench for me every  day of her working week.

The rest I majestically ignore. The same straying dog meets me at eight with a mouth full of hedonistic laughter and throws his meager body against mine to get the night shiver out of our…

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You are gone forever
in my ear and in my eyes
is your music
you enjoyed us by playing harmonica
and with  good vibrations of your words
you was a happy woman
and you shared your happyness.

Now you joined my father again
somewhere in the universe


Ahornblatt — Maple Leaf

Neues vom Hutschi


Ein Ahornblatt ruht
zwischen Schnee und grünen Zweigen gut.

A maple leaf digs
in a bed of snow and green twigs.

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Time is passing by

im Zug

You are a star now
on your own walk of fame.
Time is passing by.
It is not important.

Time is not the essential substance.
It is memory.



chris cagle ;-)

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