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new blog

I have a new music blog up.

Here is the link:


κλέος ἄφθιτον

ka scrsh

The Decoy

I confess, I used this barbary partridge to lure you into my new language blog emegalama (Sumerian: the fine tongue or language):

welcome! 😉

wait a minute, sth. ‘s wrong here …

bookcats montage

Serge le Gurk  checkin out the Cognac Situation in Karlsbad CZ
SG in CZ

COGNAC looks like this:

It is  a spiritual liquid  that tastes very fine.

Malheureusement  il ne parle  rien  que  Francais ,

ou  plus précisement: il parle  le  Cognacaise.

And in this particular case the subdialect is:

Courvoisiereuse. Obviously.

Ok, I made that up but  I like the word.

Heureusement Isabelle Adjani

speaks also


Madama Adjani,

– she looks like this:

but sometimes also like this:

or like this:   😉

Aber wenn die sehr schöne  Frau  Adjani

so aussieht wie hier,  dann …

ja, dann..

But if the very beautiful Isabelle  Adjani  looks  even as breath-takingly beautiful   like this,

well, then  Mr Gurkski’s heart starts to sing  like this:

even if

Mr. Gurkski’s brain

is well aware of the fact that

instead his heart should sing

like that:

Eis aqui este sambinha feito numa nota só.
Outras notas vão entrar, mas a base é uma só.
Esta outra é conseqüência do que acabo de dizer.
Como eu sou a conseqüência inevitável de você.
Quanta gente existe por aí que fala tanto e não diz nada,
Ou quase nada.
Já me utilizei de toda a escala e no final não sobrou nada,
Não deu em nada.
E voltei pra minha nota como eu volto pra você.
Vou contar com uma nota como eu gosto de você.
E quem quer todas as notas: ré, mi, fá, sol, lá, si, dó.
Fica sempre sem nenhuma, fique numa nota só.

But because Isabelladonnaadjani understands Deutsch purrrr-factly well, Mr Gurkski usually

when dreaming of meeting her spares her  and himself the pain of listening to his rather Chaplinesque  attempts to render on the spot a simultaneous translation of  the lyrics of this  rather nonsensical but very sexy Bossa into the language of love and desire comes it to making love with

Isabella  Adjani

die manchmal    hahaha

auch so aussieht, wenn sie will

who sometimes,

should she will it so,

can look like this, too:

Whenever Isabel Adjani does look like that
Mr Gurkski finds himself in very urgent need
to chug-a-lug
without the slightest delay
One or make  it two
or make it three
bottles of Cognac
who then usually
and rather more likely
(because of  monetary
look like this:
–unlike the very beautiful Isabel Adjani,
who can also
– but of course  only
if  she  wants to –
also selbstverständlich nur, wenn sie möchte
zum Beispiel auch so aussehen:
e.g. look like that:
and then Mr Gurkski will most often ask himself:
unlike  this fucking hot woman made for love   ..
well, to sum it up
the Cognac can also look like that:
cognac  aussi
but always when she  looks like that
she makes me feel so sad –
ell me fait si mal
because she, P.   sometimes  was your  look-a-like
-Manchmal, Isabelle,
da war sie fast so schön wie du. Fast! 😉
mais maintenant malheureusement
Jetzt ist sie leider tot.
ellle est morte.
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