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too good to be true ;-)

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For sometime future

So here I sit letting the cooling night in. My ears devore again and again Ramsey Lewis‘ JULIA.
I recall three full decades ago having so enjoyed kissing one Julia’s lips: a black-haired, dark-voiced fragility in leather.
Oh beauty : so precious only when it’s gone and in my retrospect!
Mock-jaded me blows out the hurting of the past like smoke of cigarettes now smoked up.
Gone be the laments over lost weekends, but instead look into what is to be if I disregard the sum over histories, preliminary constructs of all of my lives.
Into static now erupts my brain boson.
For you don’t know where my smile has gone.
But I am going there where you might not want to follow me to.
I’m breathing just for light.
Einmal noch wach – awake once more

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