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Man totally blue

A wistful little star
was far too high

[from the lyrics of Shadow of Your Smile]

Night switched off daylight.
People dispersed minding
their after-work businesses.
Watch out for that man
dressed in shades of blue ,
his tightly-Windsor-knit Italian tie
sparkling colorfully in sunlight
and bar-light only, loosened,
worn on a shirt colored
Turchese says my Milanese tailor:
Turquoise for you.

The man is between affairs,
he roams at nights alone,
and out on city streets,
where he walks now,
sometimes reluctantly grinning
at the youngsters trying to
win their girls’ hearts,
but mainly just walking,
stiff-chinned and half-closed-eyed,
up and down boulevards .

Sinking into mostly dark eyes,
espresso and emerald and aquamarine,
and the darkest of brown
in a South American Indian’s eyes.
She seemed furious about something
He did not want to know, so
she talked, her voice so velvety,
talked her brains out, while he,
besides drinking whiskey, starred
at her bulging décolleté amazed.

A look she mistook for him
agreeing to her flood of words,
and when they left, he simply asked her
to tell the cab driver where to go.
You could say he did not mind.

In his eyes, blue, sailor’s eyes
reflecting the seas he had crossed,
you would find piano-black sparklings,
and the lines of her constantly moving
lips and the breathtaking outlook on
her breasts in slow motion.

She, in her splendid apartment
exhausted him physically
and it felt so good
afterwards to enjoy
standing at the glass front ,
legs somewhat shaking still,
to overlook Brooklyn
at night.


I almost feel like I have no time to waste

I know, it’s really early in the day
but I have this to tell you:
the doc yesterday told me
that I should not feel guilty, if
I actually was full of rage.
Made me feel cozy, this doc,
she knows how.

Later for a mouthful of life
I headed far out
Well, in the joint, I got her eyes on me
and her mind simmered, but
our time was up
and on my way back home
I let the cab driver fuck my ears with his
paid him well for leaving me alone.
I think, that if i can make it,
I will see her again tomorrow
to flesh out our flaccid sex.

Did I mention she likes blues?

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