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I almost feel like I have no time to waste

I know, it’s really early in the day
but I have this to tell you:
the doc yesterday told me
that I should not feel guilty, if
I actually was full of rage.
Made me feel cozy, this doc,
she knows how.

Later for a mouthful of life
I headed far out
Well, in the joint, I got her eyes on me
and her mind simmered, but
our time was up
and on my way back home
I let the cab driver fuck my ears with his
paid him well for leaving me alone.
I think, that if i can make it,
I will see her again tomorrow
to flesh out our flaccid sex.

Did I mention she likes blues?


Dance so good

Just before the day I’ll be dying more than a little let me show you some of those cozy niches I discovered wandering bravely along my private paths of madness. One of these hides up on a slope at the backside of an ancient castle. Back from the taxidermist you can put my padded body next to you on the low stone bench garlanded by bushes of lilac and inhale the panorama of the river delta far down below with all its seven shades of green and three shades of brown and the azure of the sky being messed up by the gray billowing clouds of sad memories.
Until then I’ll keep hovering above my nest of stones that talk of neighbors. I am unkempt and sweating, nude except for the shadow covering my genitals, sipping from a small glass of cuba libre , with my lungs feasting on the biting smoke of my cigarette. I open my mind like a begging hand expecting metaphors like hummingbirds to settle down on it and disturb the perfect symmetry of the boredom of being.
At that flickering instance of the night, when sleep catches your breath, you tell the ruins of my mind to dance so good.

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