I. Walls

I wish I could in her own second language read Clarice Lispector,
I wish I could in his own tongue recite el Señor Jorge Ibargüengoitia Antillón
I wish I could sing Pablo Neruda’s Canto General and
dance you into ecstasy in one Caribbean night
flooded by the darkest light of blue of a star-lit sky.

I wish so much, it is very unlikely, (any of) it will ever come true.
At least, please, join my happily drunken mind
as it tipsily cakewalks through my finer dreams.
But how do you share all the loving
you feel with someone caged by herself
intra muros inexpugnables de defensa personal,
inside of unsurmountable walls of self defense?

II. Cis and trans and all of that

here or hidden, open or lost ,

behind your fences

of fear, willing and lusting,

wantoning you are

too much for me to cope with

in any sane way.

III. Invoking insensatez

What a
fine bossa brimming with
(made-up but moving in-) sincerity.

Cry me a river and I
promise to cry one over you, too
(or at least I will pretend as hard as I can).
Your sarcasm killed the cat, Sorry, but this time
you did not make it
in time and you are not
the one knowing how
to stop time.
Did I calculate right? That’s three
moments of time, you missed it..
You are late and may I prefix
a “too” in front of this “late“?