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gurskogony site

The poem as a whole can be found here

I am adding stanzas as I write them.

cheers comrades, brothers and sisters



Gurkskogony stanza 1

Épopée délirante lautréamonthéâtrale de mon nativité étrange

sound here


It’s close to midnight on the ides of March we write down the year

one thousand nine hundred sixty three Anno Domini Nostri Iesu Christi

on a coaster on a table in a bar in a United States Armed Forces

garrison town in southwestern Bavaria.

Must have been then or close to it that a sparkle of

one of the icy planets of the Scattered Disc hailed down

and right into the almost boiling seminal plasma of GI Bill,

thereby nobilifying vile male lust, transforming it into a trigger for holy

insemination of a fecund ovarian follicle of a B-girl

neither pretty nor smart but willing to go farther than

her contract demanded..

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