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Dezember – Remembrance of Serge Gurkski

Last year in the end of Dezember, Serge Gurkski celebrated his fiftieth birthday. He did not see the future coming and taking him away. He was full of esprit and thoughts. I never did forget him. I enjoy reading his articles and poems.

Linie 9, Dresden

Our meeting was just a small track in time. But in four dimensions it will last forever.

Brightest white is black - Das hellste Weiß ist schwarz

Brightest white is black
the hottest sun light
is not light.

Truth is illusion
fixed in mind.

Das hellste Weiß ist schwarz,
das glühendste Sonnenlicht
ist nicht licht,

Wahrheit ist Illusion,
die sich in Gedanken verfestigt.

Wasser – Water

Wasser - Water

Wasser sammelt sich
und fließt fort,
wenn jemand den Stöpsel zieht

Water flows together
and away –
if someone pulls out the plug

Hat – Hut

Hat - Hut

tragen Hüte,
den Spielplatz

Tree trunks
carry hats
and review
the children’s place

Schnee – Snow

Schnee - Snow

Der Dresdner Hauptbahnhof
glimmt in der Sonne
weiß wie Schnee.

The main station in Dresden
shines in the sun
white as snow

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