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I love geopolitics as a field of study.*

Now there is a wonderful series on the binational tv channel Arte (French and German): Le dessous des cartes **/ Mit offenen Karten

Gesamtfruchtbarkeitsziffer (indice conjoncturel de fécondité)

So ziemlich das scheußlichste Wortungeheuer (von “Wortungeheuer” mal abgesehen 😉 ) , das ich kenne.

Aber ich liebe diese Sendung.


* mais pas si intense que j’aimes  Mme Adjani !! 😉  tic! /Aber natürlich bei weitem nicht so sehr wie Frau A. / but not by far as much as … well, you know who.

Sorry, could not resist: Pavlovian conditioning. (French >>> Adjani 😉 ) .

Isabelle Adjani, who sometimes looked like that:


Anyway, let’s better move on.



“she my pRRRetty gal ,

she’s walkin on down the street,

” …  she looks like Isabelle Adjani …..  ;-)))))))))   Yeeeeeeeaaaah!

(who looks  like this:

instead of…

going into this:

Serge’s New Poetological  Paradigm

right now

I decided to chill a bit by way of a diet of  beer and writing a fun piece of political philosophy (teaser below) and then the Sendlinger Mordweihnacht  (as already announced). The latter is a kind of mini- Le massacre de la Saint-Barthélemy, maybe best known (nowadays)   by its depiction in a movie (la reine Margot (starring isabelle adjani (mmmm ,-)  swoon, haha). That movie was based on a novel by .. uhm  Dumas, which is not that bad as far as accuracy re historical details is concerned.)


The Radical Middle

by a (surprise!)

radical from the middle

or to put it more elegantly

(you know:  eastcoastliberally)

by a

radical mediocrist*

1. the obligatory prefatory bs:

Caution! This is about political philosophy (esp European but not just).

[drum roll]

Allow me to 

lemme put it  in plain afterdark bar talk tongue:

I just played around with my …-

ha! wrong guess!- my remote control and heard that sound bit: radical right and radical left,

and thought, hey, I’m a proponent of the middle and just before I called ADL 😉 

I heard the first words of the lyrics of Red House in my “inner”(?) ear, but not the  “something’s wrong here”-part

and so:

So thats why….

it can’t hurt to know 2 names and what connects them:

1. Alexandre Kojève

2. Leo Strauss

I was a bit stunned when I just learned this week that they corresponded.

I mean Kojève, having been informed by Hegel and himself informing French existentialism (shortcut: Sartre, ya! i know: and Postmodernism via Heidegger), and Strauss having been informed by Al-Farabi (having been informed by Plato (and Aristotle))and (lol) informed US neocons (shortcut Wolfowitz ,-)

[ sorry, I like Uchicago if just not for any student  having ever heard  lectures by the late Leo.]


life is strange!

ok, that was the teaser. I won’t say more right here . but you’ll be in for a surprise just like me when I found out what their  (Kojeve, Strauss) correspondence was about. Ok, I ‘ll spoil it lest  I  not forget it: the art of writing. Remember:  to take a break from poetics was the very reason for me to turn to political philosophy and now that! Isn’t the world bad?  i give up for now. ,-)

I need  a Monty Python fix now (just beer wont do.)

sail, readers, smoothly into this night (maybe not as esthetically pleasing as “like a feather  floating in a beautiful world “, but you see as long as no one watches you, why not dream a bit (and I love radiohead)?


*mediocrist: no way, just to honor Bob Kaufman, it must at least be ” mediocreolist, well if you prefer mediocriollist


i got lucky:

Monthy Python fix


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