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dana fuchs singing etta

like janis but dana sexier



Now, sisters, will you listen to me?

‘I need to share essentials with ya, will ya please

listen to me now … 😉

Entrance chap 10

bust a kitten,
Buster Keaton

or to Nat King Cole it

lilting Jazz to you:

more to cum pretty soon

I want you I need you

I need a woman that I know now
Oh ever so fucking urgently do I need one
huggable woman with me her.

I must stop my monkish ways

And I will

because without a sweetie on my side
life is no fun anymore
howsoevermuch I try to
BusterKeaton it
to the fun that is me.

Tina Tee singing precious Pebbles

I can’t stand the rain

against my window bringing back
sweet memories

look at these women deliriously
fine to watch. 😉

ending my Sunday

this is a Blues

by looking on my watch
telling me I still have
another hour to go
before the shops will undisclose
their goodies to me.

(But I’m,) I’m ever so willing
to end my sunday
on a pleasureable note
and that’s why I sing back to you
all those sad teardrops
the rain let drop on you.

Just to be fair
to myself now and also to you.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful
you sing with me!

Black Sugar: The Loser

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