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swing apocalypso

(a lesson in Cockney, syncopation  stomp

anf gospel funkified and loopings and infinite regress and Laing’s knots)

swing apo-calypso  so  as sin copa tit sss st o(m)- p me now:

swing sing swing

swing apocalypso, a syncopated  stomp, stop me now

Apo- so -ever-







This is where I’m coming from

(this) is where I’m heading at

Swing ellipsis

to sing it as sexy as I cum

sorry: can I – please say yes!

shake your hips, cutie,

shake your booty,

you’r for sure ‘s sexy as you cum

cum’s to none’s sur prizzzzzzzze

less oh so yessssssss

Swing apó-calyp-sis-

sie I dig do you to

do you

do me good too

and just as (s)wel l over

ever so yum

me is, sis:

swing sing this







I am incredibly grateful to Billy Preston singing to my ears in a never ending loop:

Swing down chariot  (stop and

let me ride) and also of course to the composer of this sweet gospel song

and of course to the lyricist just as well


Faun at the foot of the fountain

I wish I was a marble
faun at the foot of the fountain
in the heart of the market of the town,
where life swarms.

Instead I sit on the steps of that fountain,
squinting at the antsy rustling around me,
grabbing my bottle tighter.

I have since recently fallen in love with that
marginally overweight businessman
gulping from his pocket flask
while waiting for his tram,
because I love the expression of fear
in his face that I know so well.

And I love even more the posh secretary
smoking nervously, stomping her stilettos
on the sidewalk, because she
leaves her package of cigarettes
on the bench for me every single
day of her working week.

The rest I majestically ignore.
The same straying dog meets me at eight
with a mouth full of hedonistic laughter
and throws his meager body against mine
to get the night shiver out of our bones.

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