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Constructive behavior (Go away!)

„No, you’re right!“
he muttered while
he poured himself
another triple rum
plus some splash of Coke,
“you are absolutely right!”

But he felt the resistance
building up inside:
They had been talking
for almost 3 hours now,
and she had lured him
into a therapy session.

Subconsciously, he knew,
he needed it, but he
didn’t want to go there
with this particular woman.

He knew he was wrong,
but enjoyed the fight,
and for the life of him
would have never confessed
that she was right.

Of course she was.


Tender is the therapist

Tenderly the therapist,
the clinic’s shrink,
Dan Dennett lookalike,
my mind’s discordant
embalms obscene
off of the scene
shame, blows it
off of me,
opens surreptitiously
my golden
cage of guilt.
I breathe out
the blushing.
No pain today
for the boy-in-me.
I am the keeper
of my touchés.
Tender is this therapist.

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