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“I ‘m coming up, like Orwell did, for air

and I’ll keep my Aspidistra flying

up to my moon of Bourbon

if that is where it really wants to be.

There is no Whiskey on the moon.

Just sayin.

I promise to will it and

if I’ll fail I’ll take the blame on me

and that’s for free.

I am guilty anyway because I let my life

get soaked up by the Blues

I cannot heal

all of these wounds

I ever inflicted upon

my beloved ones and myself,

nor can I heal the wounds

my beloved ones

inflicted upon me,”

says this black ram

and if you know what a black sheep is

you will know what I am saying.

In any imaginable universe

it could be you.

My heart desires and begs

to be put to sleep and slumber

and fine dreameries.

I will do my best

to satisfy its needs,

to sacrifice to let it be forgiven

for all its hideous deeds.

Summertime and the livin is easy

fish are jumpin and the cotton is high. *

Love is all around,

you just have to

get on your knees

to pick it up.


Coming up for Air and Keep the Aspidistra Flying: two novels by George Orwell

* Summertime lyrics by Gershwin


Thank you, Joe!

Larry Carlton’s Blues

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