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still Dicitencello ;-)



follows a link to the lyrics (il testo) more or less accurate.





dicitencello vuie (a prefatory remark)

I have to go to a Greek site to get the Napolitanian (Napoletane)  lyrics of Enzo Fusco’s

Dicitencello vuie!  

Rodolfo Falvo (music)  and Enzo Fusco (lyrics) 

Of course I am very grateful to have found it now:  ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ. πολύ πολύ!

Vicky Papadrodromou 

the lyrics are here

and the best versions I could find are by

Brigida Cacciatore


Sal da Vinci

(he skips over these lines:

Dicitencello ch’ è na rosa ‘e maggio,
Ch’è assaie cchiù bella ‘e ‘na jurnata ‘e sole
D”a vocca soia, cchiù fresca d”e vviole
I’ già vulesse sentere
Ch’ è nnammurata ‘e me!

( I can forgive Sal he left out the May and the sunny day, but this here

wanna hear she loves me.

I’ già vulesse sentere ch’ènnamurata ‘e me

How 😉 could you leave that out?

(this my friends btw is not your school book Italian (but a language made for songs of love)

and now I  found this wonderful site

tante grazie

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