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the Marvin situation (for Melly Mills)

for Melanie Mills

very fine poetessa

wonderful Jazz singer from deep down southeast


this from Mingulonius to

Monkolonia ,-)

The Marvin Situation

for the only woman in Tennessee.

the most –  to my limited knowledge

of course –

beautiful heart and jazz voice

in the

Southeastern part of that state:

ok let’s let that loose

and go and go away I

mean .. .-)

Dear Melly,

I was on such a bad trip for five days

and only and just in time

-damn you are nurse too and know

what I’m hinting at here:

I thought I was a lost on a trip

forsoeverlong that minutes

loose their weight to lunacy

of the hard core kind but but


I your friend was

only one second away-sway from

a state no one can re-

turn from: and because

you were a nurse let me

cut my message short.




and my heart always knew

it couldn

t handle


that mighty.

I tried to run away as fast

s i could but hey babybaby

hold it

i’m weak and paid and


gimme a sec

and I am BACk


I know you hate him


hurtin his wife


oh well

dontcha think

bein shot thru his head

by his own dad

is redemption day enough.

For M-?

but the beauty of

the melodies unfolding

in faraway Belgium –

I mean the voice of his

heart crossing an ocean

not easy to

not drown in and

and wait and hold,

Melly must shortcut it now

bc i must celebrate

still being live


k, hey hold_

fixed a new drink

lit a cig

and tryna take it

easy baby easy baby:

the Marvin situation is this :in the sweetest

melodybirds, more


more apppropriately




Melly you know

I cannot give up on him because of the wonder


his polyphonic voices

Melly you know:

Id so love to unharmize

and reharmonize

the to-my-ear-still

coke’s not a

friendly to humans drug.

I can only sink into

deepdown reflection

an …

and try to

not listen.

 Me I just can not fix it.

you see , Melly, I tried so hard but I

and I dont –

and this’s whisper-

I don’t wanna see you gone.




and I want you to

stay please



and the devil has a new to

me now spillspelled


pee as I


see I


brand name.


thank you for loving my lilts


and I your’s 😉 you princess of Jazz.
(sigh: “keep the thelonius in the your veins and try to jazz on. ” Last time I tried it was a birthday present to T. and even! FF the Mand liked it) But .. oh
and even she  – ack then – did.

I’m just sad about what happened.

p.s. :  just dug out


and (hey it’s been a while . 😉 Uhm, I can’t deny there is Monk in it too. And it gets even worse bc its 2 thirds Monk and 1 third Mingus. aAnd its gets worser still bc the Mingus third is actually about Lester. hmmm ? I must confess I stand corrrect, Haha…

and Mellybee, re my voice (and your’s whenever you feel up to it, mail me and we skype. you know: listening to a golden heart like yours is the best of therapies for me. 😉  hugs


Bar flying high

I get world’s wisdom through my nose
and I’m too cool to snap my fingers.
I wear gloves, actually, because
my velvet-skinned hands are holy.
Here and there I’m forced to kiss
wet lips; the ladies approve.
They buy me drinks and show the goods.

Eventually, between two fixes, I might sit down
and play some sexy piano Jazz.

The truth, of course, is, that I’m nowhere near desire
when I come with fingers spread out on the keys.
I still need the warmth of your breasts and a downer
to make it into the night.
And you want me to keep the gloves on.

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