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stanley clarke

but he has no say. 😉

Cuban Rhapsody (por una formosa Maria de Recife)


After una noche de amor

I wake up to a mourning

feeling blue but a sax sings

Dexter Gordonishly

and helps me to live again..

I swing into the sun Cuba is;

I want to close my eyes

and my heart too and

I want to die but a girl

crosses my ways and so

I live again-

I always keep

a paperback

of the Canto General

by Neruda with me.

You never can tell,

to quote Chuck Berry-

A new day is dawning soon enough,


“A las tierras sin nombres …”

in order to get back

to my childhood traumata

and telling the way it was

to my future and always

endlessly curious lovers, let me

sing to  the world and you

how I lost faith forever:


Soon I learned, sooner that I wished for,

how to Jazzify my sorrows

by buying booze and getting  dizzy,

and get drowned in it,

as sure as next rain comes,

the rain of tears of your lovers.


Hey, please, hold a sec:

In the United States of

my unknown American daddy,

in these imagined states

of my fantasy I dream

up new anecdotal stuff

to satisfy and please

my needs

and for desires I

will turn to you now,


So, I was out the other day

hitting the streets of

unfulfillable desires,

tipsily cakewalking

to the next Whiskey bar

to meet my shaky fate.


Apart from nice gestures

like bowing down and

falling on my knees

for you, my love,

let my tongue

dance sweetly

and allow me to swoon

over you, prettiest

brown-eyed girl

I ever have met.


Why not get ecstatic,

running amok in my mind

ever so tenderly

fishing for your smiles.

So cries your clown and slave:

If you would just be so nice enough

to listen to my prayers!

Can you not or do you

not want to care about me?


I entice you with the blue funk

my heart spills out for you, only you

as far as this night goes. Can you ask for more?

As the candle-lights of our dalliance burn down,

I extend my farewells to you:

There are other needy girls

to be satisfied by me.

continuará /to be continued


*give it a minute, but listen into it, please:

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