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Twice Monk and Mingus once

Funny, when Theolonius has just started Blue Monk and his combo sets in
I cannot help thinking of that precious novelette of Aksyonov:
Overstocked packaging barrels, but then maybe it needs a drunkard’s
Twisted mind to connect bitter anti-soviet irony with overdrugged bebop.
However : I still find bebop sabotageous. I know it wears white beards now.

I, when I lean back, of course, and the rum glass has not left my left yet
I sit in awe, my ears are curled up receivers, that blimp to Monk’s
Epistrophy. And I’m not even black. Cheers! I think I hate his hat.
It’s good to keep a wide closed eye on the rhythm here. He fools my feet
but not my heart.

And Lester sang:
Lost my shoes on the road but later into the night God send me used green moccasins.
It’s hard to sax when you cough and the codeine is far, needed extra-breaks.
And they take it all away from me, of course. Back to NYC I fell asleep.
Ugly Charles Mingus loved him and his pork pie hat.
Life’s a crashing dissonance if it was good and your friends miss you.
Oh, and he’s crying such a sweet low down howl just for me!
We’re all one family, sure, with grumbling Papa Mingus
amid our heaven’s brass. Brother Lester swings with us.

listen to it

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